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Venting and Ranting

“If you haven’t decided on in what you want in a home theater system then there are some things to consider. First of all, while Blu-ray may be the big thing now, you may not want to pay for the extra expense. For one thing, once you go with a Blu-ray system, you’re locked into only using that system. Further, these systems are usually bigger than standard DVD systems, and they are harder to set up. Plus, all the components must be compatible with Blu-ray.

Blu-ray, however, still has some of the best video quality. While they are a hassle to deal with (especially with the size and proprietary components), you may still like the quality better.”

The above quote comes from an article I found on the website of one of those companies that publishes articles by freelance writers.  I won’t mention which one for fear of getting sued.  The author of this article published another article in which she stated that, for a home theater system, one needs to buy cables made from “99.99 percent oxygen free copper that resists corrosion and is made for great connectivity.”

The crap that this author writes would be OK if she stated that these conclusions were her opinion and explained the basis of that opinion, but she makes it sound like fact, even though she clearly knows nothing about either Blu-ray or copper.  The misinformation published on the web about technology is frightening.   Pity the poor consumer.


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